About TFBS

About TFBS


    Thomas Yuan, Ph.D.

    Tatung Yuan, Ph.D.

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

    Dr. Yuan is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for TFBS.

    Before founding TFBS in 2016, Dr. Yuan was Vice-President of Development Center of Biotechnology (DCB) in Taiwan, responsible for drug discovery and development. During his 12-year tenure at DCB, Dr. Yuan had leadership roles over various research activities from drug design, assay development, pharmacology, to preclinical development. Prior to joining DCB, Dr. Yuan assumed research positions in the HCV Group at Roche Pharmaceutical in Palo Alto, and in the Gene Therapy Division of Berlex Bioscience in Richmond, California. Dr. Yuan has completed his academic training as a postdoctoral fellow at University of Texas, Medical Branch in Galveston, after obtaining a doctorate degree in Biochemistry from University of Pennsylvania.

  • Wilson Liao

    Wilson Liao is Chief Financial Officer overseeing finance, accounting, tax and IT functions. He is a seasoned finance executive with over 20 years in financial leadership roles. He was previously the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Finance Officer and board member in a listed company in Taiwan where he has led accounting, finance, HR, and IT departments. 
    Earlier in his career, Mr. Liao served management roles in Management Consulting group at KPMG and E&Y, focused on corporate finance and strategic planning.

    Mr. Liao graduated from the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology with a B.S. degree in Business Administration.

    Wilson Liao

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Gloria Huang

    Gloria Huang is Chief Operating Officer responsible for corporate governance, procurement, human resources and facility management.  She assumed this role in October 2021, previously she was Vice President, Finance.


    Prior to joining TFBS, Gloria served in a variety of management positions during year career.  She joined TFBS in 2016 from Citibank Taiwan, where she served as Vice President, Internal Audit with responsibilities covering finance, legal, and corporate functions. Previously, Ms. Huang has held various positions including Finance Manager responsible for financial reporting at Applied Materials in Silicon Valley, the global leader in semiconductor equipment and Finance Director at Full Rise Electronics (FRE), a listed company in Taiwan OTC market.  At FRE, she was responsible for finance, tax and corporate governance.  Prior to Citibank Taiwan, she was Vice President of Corporate Audit Service covering ING Life Insurance and ING Securities Investment Trust in Taiwan. 


    Ms. Huang received her master degree in Business Taxation from the University of Southern California.  She is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in California.

    Gloria Huang

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Shao-Hua Lo

    Shao-Hua Lo is currently Director of Business Development Department responsible for global sales and marketing. Mr. Lo has more than ten years of leadership experiences in the field of quality, testing and business development with an emphasis on biologics and advanced cellular and gene therapies. He was previously Senior Manager of Testing department at TFBS Bioscience, where he was responsible for the operation of testing facilities for the contract research organization (CRO). He has accomplished more than hundreds of domestic and global projects including tech-transfer, validation and analysis of phase I/II/III derived biologics and regenerative medicines overseas. Prior to joining TFBS Bioscience, Mr. Lo held study director and associate research fellow positions at Institute of Biologics in Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB).


    Mr. Lo holds a master and bachelor degree in Biomedical Engineering and Environmental Science from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan.

    Shao-Hua Lo

    Director, Business Development Department

  • Gabriel Wu

    With lifelong passion for virus-based gene delivery, Dr. Pei-Yu Wu assumes the research and development mission of TFBS as a solid support to TFBS’s viral vector manufacturing services. Dr. Wu is a molecular and cellular biologist with extensive research experience on many aspects of biomedical science, ranging from protein signal-transduction, innate immunity and inflammatory responses, DNA damage and genomic instability, viral-host interactions, to translational mouse model for cancer therapeutics. His particular know-hows include design of mammalian expression and virus package plasmid vectors (e.g., episomal, Lentiviral, and γ-retroviral vectors), cell line establishment (e.g., cell adaptation, cloning, sorting, and stable expression), protein engineering (e.g., functional mutation, surface expression, recombinant ScFv, and directed evolution), microscopic assessment (e.g., confocal microscopy, and laser micro-irradiation), and next-generation sequencing analysis. Prior to TFBS, Dr. Wu worked as a senior research scientist in Taiwan protein project and a postdoctoral fellow at Academia Sinica for more than a decade, where he took cumulating responsibilities for managing laboratory and research projects, and training 5 Ph.D. students. As results of these works, he is the author of 16 peer-reviewed publications with several first and corresponding authorships, and holds issued patents in US and Taiwan.

    Dr. Wu received his Ph.D. degree in cancer biology from L’Université Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier, France, and his M.Sc. degree in veterinary medicine and B.Sc. degree in zoology, both from National Chung-Hsing Universiy, Taiwan.

    Gabriel Wu

    Manufacturing Department

  • Chia-Hsin Li

    Dr. Li is Senior Manager of Testing Department responsible for in vivo studies.  Many of the pre-clinical projects Dr. Li worked on have progressed into clinical testing including several promising vaccine candidates that are currently in clinical trials. Prior to joining TFBS, Dr. Li was a post-doctoral fellow at the Center for Translational Research in Biomedical Sciences, Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and Department of Physiology, National Cheng Kung University in various functions of the cardiovascular regulation mechanism by diseased models. She was awarded the 2014 “APSN Young Investigator Colloquium” at the 12th Meeting of the APSN, for her research achievement in blood pressure regulation after a stroke. Dr. Li has extensive research experience in diseased animal model development which have led to preclinical study.


    Dr. Li received her B.S. and M.S. in Biological Sciences from National Sun Yat-sen University, and her Ph.D. in Pharmacology from National Yang-Ming University, Taipei.

    Chia-Hsin Li

    Senior Manager, Testing Department

  • Chuan-Wen Chiu

    Kevin Chiu is Senior Manager of Testing Department responsible for product quality control testing, personnel training and laboratory management. Dr. Chiu oversees the quality control testing including Recombinant protein, Vaccine, Antibody, Peptide, plasmid and viral vector. He has conducted various experiments in neuroscience research including Parkinson's disease, brain injury and Alzheimer’s disease.


    Dr. Chiu holds a bachelor and doctorate degree in Pharmacology from National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan.

    Chuan-Wen (Kevin) Chiu

    Senior Manager, Testing Department


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