The Japan Times-Cost-effective and reliable services for GMP
The Japan Times-Cost-effective and reliable services for GMP



We are delighted to announce a significant milestone in response to our client's GMP testing requirements. Following a recent on-site audit conducted by the European Qualified Person (QP), we have obtained certification. Attached herewith is the EU GMP audit certificate for your perusal. Furthermore, we are proud to share that we have successfully undergone two on-site audits by the US FDA over the past two years. These audits underscore our unwavering commitment to delivering reliable GMP testing services and further establishing trust with our valued clients.

Our current capabilities extend to offering GMP-level testing services for various crucial areas, including mammalian cell bank testing, unprocessed bulk testing (UPB), and DS/DP release testing. We kindly request your support in promoting these GMP testing services to Japanese pharmaceutical companies and clients, such as Chugai Pharmaceutical or Astellas, to explore and create more business opportunities.

We are enthusiastic about the prospect of contributing to the progress of our clients and the industry as a whole. Your continued partnership and support are instrumental to our shared success.

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